Wine of the Month

We sampled a very nice white wine – ‘Glenridge Point’    Sauvignon Blanc   2017   Marlborough  New Zealand  

Sainsbury’s on offer at £ 6.50 reduced from £ 7.50

August Meeting

 We had a very interesting talk by Angela Brabin on “Victorian Women and Poison”.  Not only did we learn that you can get enough arsenic from a fly paper to kill a man but also that newspapers sometimes embellish the truth!!

Lymm Wine and Beer Circle Annual Bowls Match at Outrington Bowling Club on Sunday 12th August

19 people turned up. 12 people bowled. The 7 who didn’t play had a good happy chat! And chat! And chat!

The standard of bowling was very high and competitive., it was good to see Graham Hughes playing a couple of games ( notlost his touch).

I mixed people up this year, with bowlers playing with non-bowlers. It worked very well, the non-bowlers were exceptionally good.

The weather stayed dry, much against the forecast.

Everybody played 4 games to – 11 up- with lunch sandwiched ( Ha! Ha!) in between.

It was a very tight finish with Joan and David just pipping Jenny and Graham H (with help from Geoff)

I think everybody went home happy, it was a nice afternoon.