Police Call For Vigilance Following Spate Of Burglary Incidents Involving Outbuildings

Cheshire Constabulary is advising residents across the county to be vigilant following a spate of burglary incidents involving outbuildings, including sheds and garages.

Such incidents occurred in Winsford, Northwich, Macclesfield, Wildboarclough, Alsager, Little Neston, Frodsham and Warrington.

Superintendent Laura Marler said: “The public can aid our fight against such crimes by contacting us if they see such burglaries being carried out or anyone acting suspiciously in their area.

“Information in relation to anyone carrying out, or suspected to be carrying out, such burglaries will also be gratefully received.

“Cheshire residents can also help us and themselves by making it as difficult as possible for criminals to break into their sheds, garages and other outbuildings.

“They can do this by following our anti-burglary advice.”

The force’s tips for deterring would-be burglars and protecting your outbuildings are:
• Never leave a garage, shed or other outbuilding unlocked and easy prey for opportunist thieves
• Fit strong padlocks to outbuilding doors and make sure that the doors are solid enough not to be kicked in
• Good external security lighting can put off or draw attention to a thief – the most appropriate form is high efficiency low energy lighting controlled by a dusk-to-dawn switch so that it only comes on when it is dark
• If you have external security lighting that comes on when sensing movement make sure that the lights are directed downwards to prevent them from being annoying to neighbours and dangerous to passing traffic
• Strong fencing or gates will make it difficult for intruders to get onto your land
• Solid fences or walls, particularly those with a flat or rounded top, are relatively easy for a burglar to climb over – fixing trellising to the top can make it more difficult
• Check for weak spots where a thief could get onto your land, such as a low or sagging fence or a back gate with a weak lock
• A thorny hedge along the boundary of your property can put thieves off, as can gravel areas due to the noise of walking on them

Anyone with information about burglary incidents in the county should call Cheshire Constabulary on 101 or give the details via https://cheshire.police.uk/contact/general-enquiries.
You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Message Sent By
Daniel Millington (Police, Media Officer, HQ Digital Communications)

Cheshire Constabulary Message – Spike In Purse Dipping And Distraction Thefts

Across Cheshire over the last month there has been a spike in Purse Dipping, this is where Purses or items from Purses are removed from handbags without the victim knowing. The offenders are particularly active in busy public places such as shopping centres.

Please follow the preventative advice below as proactive steps to avoid being targeted.

•Keep your handbag on you, zipped with no valuable items on display (this includes your mobile phone). Do not leave it unattended….
•Keep your handbag close to your body.
•In restaurants and cafes put your bag on your lap or on the floor between your feet with your foot on the strap. Alternatively place the strap through one leg of the chair.
•Never leave your bag in adjacent seats in theatres, pubs or on public transport.
•If using public toilets, do not place your handbag close to the door or side walls, particularly if there is a gap between the walls and the ground. It could be snatched from the outside.
•Keep to major, well-lit streets and avoid isolated areas. Be aware of your surroundings.
•Do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Withdraw only money needed at the time.
•Look for ATMs located inside buildings, supermarkets or other busy locations.
•Be mindful of distractions, thieves working in pairs may attempt to divert your attention in order to steal your handbag or its contents.
•Attach your purse to your handbag with a secure cord and keep your mobile in a zipped internal pocket or on your person.

Message Sent By
Chris Hodgson (Police, Community Support Officer, Warrington)

Police Alert – Mobile Phone Safety

Keeping your mobile phone safe
Did you know up to 10,000 mobile phones are reported stolen in the UK every month?
Whatever you use your phone for, be it to keep in touch with family and friends, for taking photos and videos, using social media, or for business purposes, you won’t want to lose your phone numbers and other data stored inside.
Follow this advice to help prevent your mobile phone from being stolen. 
Securing your phone
•Never leave your phone unattended. If you have to leave it, make sure it’s secure, out of sight and can’t be heard.
•Don’t draw attention to your phone by leaving it on view on tables in pubs, cafes and restaurants. A tactic used by thieves is to place newspapers or other items over the phone and scoop it up. They sometimes distract phone owners by asking for directions and taking the phone when they are not looking.
•Don’t leave your phone unattended in coat pockets or bags.
•Lock the keypad using a PIN number or pattern code when you are not using your phone. This means it can’t be used to make calls or access your personal data, such as emails and social media accounts, if it is stolen. Use random numbers instead of birthdates or other guessable formats.
•Regularly back up your data, contacts and photos in case your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen.
•Record your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) somewhere safe. To find out what yours is dial *#06# on your phone or look in the settings on your smartphone.
•Register your phone at property database Immobilise for free.
•Registering your details makes it more likely that you will be reunited with your phone if it is stolen and later recovered by the Police.
•If your phone is stolen – report it to the Police immediately. Tell them your IMEI number, if you have any tracking apps installed or any markings on your phone. Tell your insurer and service provider too.
•Mark your phone, battery and accessories with your postcode using an ultraviolet marker pen. If your phone is stolen and later recovered by police this will make it easier to reunite you with it.
•Set it to lock after one or two minutes without use.
•Carry a charger wire or portable charger to make sure you are topped up when required.
•Avoid saving any personal/sensitive information on your phone.
•Consider turning off geolocation services in camera apps and your mobile settings. Turn it on only when you need to use it. It will also increase your battery life.
Smartphone security
•If you own a smartphone, activate the ‘Find My Phone’ app or install a free tracking app, such as PREY
•These apps provide a GPS location of the device when it is switched on. You can log in from a computer if your phone goes missing and locate your device.
•The apps also allow you to instruct your phone to make a loud noise (to help you find it if it is lost) or to wipe the contents (if you believe it has fallen into the wrong hands). Activating the app could also help police track your phone if it is stolen.
 Message Sent By
Debbie Potts (Police, PCSO, Warrington LPU Town Centre PCSO

Police Alert – Alert – Fake TV Licensing Emails

Action Fraud has received more than 5,000 reports about fake emails and texts purporting to be from TV Licensing. The messages contain links to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information. 

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

For more information about how to stay safe online, visit cyberaware.gov.uk

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Wines tasted at Call my Bluff meeting 19/09/2018


  Name Grape Year Origin Shop Normal


Wine 1 Isola Zibibbo 2016 Sicily, Italy Aldi £5·99
Wine 2 Faustino* Viura/ Chardonnay 2017 La Rioja, Spain Aldi £5·99
Wine 3 Viña Albali Tempranillo 2017 Valdepeñas,Spain Asda £4·50
Wine 4 McGuigan Shiraz 2017 South Australia Asda £7·25
Wine 5 Cimarosa Merlot 2016 California, USA Lidl £4·99
Wine 6 Animus Touriga Blend 2015 Douro, Portugal Aldi £4·99

* This wine was an Aldi ‘Special’ so no longer on the shelves.