Lymm Festival 2023 – Whose Wine is it Anyway?

UPDATE: 13 June 2023: All tickets have been sold.

6 July 2023 – congratulations to all involved for a very successful event

50 people Joined us and tested their taste buds at a wine tasting with a difference!

As they tasted the 6 mystery wines, our three panellists tried to persuade them that their definition was the real one – could they sort fact from fiction?

A relaxed and fun wine tasting to challenge the nose and taste buds, whether you’re a seasoned wine buff or don’t know your Muscat from your Merlot. 

The Lymm Wine and Beer Circle is a local group of wine and beer enthusiasts that meets once a month above the Spread Eagle in Lymm.  Our aim is  to widen members’ experience of wines and beers from around the world with a regular programme of tastings and other events.