Lymm Wine and Beer Circle Annual Bowls Match at Outrington Bowling Club on Sunday 12th August

19 people turned up. 12 people bowled. The 7 who didn’t play had a good happy chat! And chat! And chat!

The standard of bowling was very high and competitive., it was good to see Graham Hughes playing a couple of games ( notlost his touch).

I mixed people up this year, with bowlers playing with non-bowlers. It worked very well, the non-bowlers were exceptionally good.

The weather stayed dry, much against the forecast.

Everybody played 4 games to – 11 up- with lunch sandwiched ( Ha! Ha!) in between.

It was a very tight finish with Joan and David just pipping Jenny and Graham H (with help from Geoff)

I think everybody went home happy, it was a nice afternoon.

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